Monday, August 31, 2009

New Venture

My heart is drawn to the daily ups and downs of mothering. After the birth of my first granddaughter, Kate, I watched my daughter, miles away, struggling to get through each day, wishing that Nana was closer, but striving to love and nurture Kate to grow into the young lady that God intended. Each stage of development for our children demands new strategies and knowledge on our part. I can remember saying I was an expert on baby care up to the age she currently was. Don't ask me about tomorrow...or next month...or next year; I haven't been there, yet. Now, as a grandmother, I enjoy sharing my experiences in the hope of helping another mom take one step at a time towards a happy and healthy family. As a result, I volunteered to be a Mentor Mom to moms with preschool children as part of a program called MOPS. I enjoyed the interaction, teaching and support that we shared together and worked with them for six years before our move to AZ. Recently, I was asked to contribute to a new website, It contains a wealth of information on many subjects for all your mothering needs. Please stop by and check out my article posted at on August 31 under the Voices section. It's entitled, "Midnight Musings in the Shadow of Depression." Please let your friends and family know about this new website. I would love to get your feedback, too, as this is a new venture for me.

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